Cycloid reducer Cycloid reducer is an application of planetary transmission principle, the adoption of new gear cycloid tooth meshing. Cycloid reducer All gear can be divided into three parts: input part, slow down some of the output section. 查看详情
Cycloid reducer Compact structure, small size due to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft of the output shaft in the same center line, which makes the model achieve the smallest possible size. 查看详情
Cycloid reducer Smooth running low noise cycloidal pin gear engagement number, overlap coefficient and large parts balancing mechanism, the vibration and noise restricted to a minimum. 查看详情
Cycloid reducer In operation while contacting teeth for a few more, coincidence degree, smooth operation, overload, low vibration and noise, a variety of small aircraft noise. 查看详情
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Our company was founded in the early eighties, is the designated production cycloid reducer of specialized companies. Strong technical force, well-equipped, detection means complete. The company has a complete set of business management and technology management system. Products strictly in accordance with JB / T2982-94 standard production unit, the Jiangsu Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision and the use of "international standards" acceptance. In 99 years, the approval identified national quality certification bodies, but also to obtain ISO19001-2000 international quality management system certification.

    The quality of our products by the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the provincial and municipal quality supervision and testing of high-class product level. So my company has been included in China Tobacco Machinery Corporation sentinel production with members and the Chinese Oil Association, Jiangsu Province, has won the "Star Enterprise" title.

    I produced the "Wu Ying" brand cycloid reducer, selling the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. And exported to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and other places, the company's high-quality products by our customers trust and welcome. To this end, welcomed the new and old customers visit my company guidance!


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