Cycloid reducer Cycloid reducer is an application of planetary transmission principle, the adoption of new gear cycloid tooth meshing. Cycloid reducer All gear can be divided into three parts: input part, slow down some of the output section. 查看详情
Cycloid reducer Compact structure, small size due to the planetary transmission principle, the input shaft of the output shaft in the same center line, which makes the model achieve the smallest possible size. 查看详情
Cycloid reducer Smooth running low noise cycloidal pin gear engagement number, overlap coefficient and large parts balancing mechanism, the vibration and noise restricted to a minimum. 查看详情
Cycloid reducer In operation while contacting teeth for a few more, coincidence degree, smooth operation, overload, low vibration and noise, a variety of small aircraft noise. 查看详情
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Prospects of 2016 reducer industry forecast analysis

In recent years, the development of reducer industry fairly quickly. 2005--2013 years of industry achieved more than 15% annual growth rate. As an important machine in 2016, the development prospects of the industry and how we will look together with the prospects for the development of gear below 2016 industry forecast analysis?:

At the same time, product variety, size and parameters of the coverage of domestic reducer industry key enterprises in expanding, product quality has reached the advanced industrial countries of similar products, providing fully assume gear supporting various sectors of the national economy responsibility, some products are also exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia. Jiangsu Province, the development of private enterprises in Zhejiang Province speed reducer quickly has become a vital force in the industry. In addition, there are many areas in Zibo, Shandong Province, gear manufacturers. Some fast development of private enterprises, after the completion of the primitive accumulation, continue to grow and develop. They keep up with market changes, timely adjustment of product structure, product quality requirements are also rising. In order to enhance their competitiveness, they increase the purchase of testing equipment, laboratory equipment and the expansion of capital investment plant, processing capacity and the technical level improved quickly, but also attention to personnel training and introduction, companies have begun to standardization direction.
Overall operating scale industries, China's gear industry is also to achieve better operating efficiency. China Industry Research Institute report released hall "2016--2021 Nian reducer industry competitiveness research and investment forecast report" data show that in 2013, China produced 5.5573 million gear units, the sales income of 80.506 billion yuan, an increase of 25.08%.
The rapid development of the industry reducer, all thanks to stimulate the downstream sector. Downstream applications industry mainly includes lifting gear fields transportation, cement, heavy mining, metallurgy, electric power and other economic marine and aviation and defense industries. Among them, lifting the transport sector use reducer products accounted for 24.76% of the amount, cement industries reducer products accounted for 15.25% of the number of heavy mining industry accounted for 9.88%.
Application only accounted for 15.25% of the cement industry point of view, in the investment-led economy, driven by large-scale infrastructure projects, highways, airports, water conservancy, urban construction in the ascendant. Explosive growth roads, railways and other infrastructure construction investment and the steady growth of investment in general civil construction, so that the construction industry is in the upward phase of the economy. In 2005 China's cement output of 10.69 million tons, by 2013 China's annual cement production increased to 2.414 billion tons, an increase of 9.6%. Cement industry efficiency improved significantly, the annual sales income of 969.6 billion yuan, total profit of 76.554 billion yuan. China's substantial increase in the amount of cement in huge demand, which led to the rapid development of the cement machinery industry.
In addition, in 2013, China's crane equipment manufacturing industry, mining machinery industry, and so have achieved over 14% growth. The rapid growth of downstream industry a strong impetus to the development of the gear industry.


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